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Patient Information
Payment for services must be paid on the day. We do not operate an accounts system. Patients waiting on medical cards to be reviewed will be charged a private fee unless they have a valid medical card on the day of consultation. This applies to Doctor Visit Cards, Under 6 cards, over 70 cards and general Medical Cards. You can apply online for any of these cards by logging on to the HSE website HERE

Scheduling an Appointment

  • Dr Joseph Clarke specializes in Minor Surgery, Class 2 Pilots Licence & the Cabin Crew Licence 

  • Dr Mary Taaffe specializes in Women's Health including Implanon, Mirena and Jaydess Coil.

  We now run an appointment only system in the morning & afternoon for both Doctors & Nurses, except for emergencies. This system will reduce waiting time and allow you the necessary time for your consultation. 

Some appointments require a double slot for Nurses/ Doctors, please ask reception if you are unsure. 
If you require extra time with the doctor or have several problems to discuss it would be advisable to book extra appointment time. Please telephone & let reception know.

From the 4th of January 2021 you can book an appointment on-line for the Doctor or Nurse.

To avail of this service you also need to be registered as a patient of Summerhill GP Surgery and you will need to register at our Patient's Section. This will enable to manage appointment bookings including rescheduling and cancelling. Please click HERE for more information.

There are certain procedures that require a double appointment such as: Minor surgery, Phlebotomy, removal and insertion of the Mirena Coil and Implanon, a six week baby check (please inform reception when you are booking this), Vaccinations for a two month old baby, Spirometry (breathing test) so it is advised to mention this to the receptionist when booking your appointment to allow enough time for you and the doctor and patients are not delayed in the waiting room. If more than one family member is to see the doctor, please book individual appointments. If you cannot make your appointment please telephone to cancel, so that the time can be given to someone else. 


Phone Calls
We receive a high volume of calls everyday. Alternatively you can email the practice at  

House Calls
If you are unable to come to the surgery please request a house call as early as possible.

In the case of an emergency appointments are always available. North East Doc On Call starts at 6 p.m -8 a.m from Monday to Friday, Weekends and Bank Holidays. It is based in Academy Street (beside FBD building)  Navan. The phone number is 1800 77911. For more information please click HERE

Repeat Prescriptions
Your doctor may allow you to have one or more repeats before you need to be seen again. Repeat prescriptions can be ordered on this site by clicking here. Repeat prescriptions can also be ordered by downloading our forms and leaving it in the box at reception or you can come in & request a form at reception. If you are unable to come in to the Surgery with your repeat prescription form, you can post it to us and it will be given to the nurse, please be aware that you must provide all contact details on the form so that our nurses can contact you. You will not be contacted when your prescription is ready so you can phone ahead to check if it is ready.

48 hours notice must be given. For patients who have just been discharged from hospital, their hospital prescription can be left in reception and; a copy of it will be taken by the receptionist for the nurses and the original should be given to the patient for the pharmacy in order to give you an emergency supply until your new one is ready. This will also be 48 hours. 

Blood Tests


. Appointments for blood tests need to be scheduled before 10:30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and before 12:30 on a Monday and Wednesday.

Out of Hours
North East Doctor- On- Call operates from 6pm - 8am Monday - Friday with 24- hour cover for Weekends and Bank Holidays. It is based in the grounds of Our Ladys Hospital Navan. 

Our telephone number 1800 777911 will put you in contact with one of the experienced family doctors on duty. The doctor will provide on the spot advice and also decide on the best appropriate action. You may then see a doctor at the Centre or in your own home as necessary.

All details of your call/visit/ examination/ treatment will be communicated directly to our surgery for the next morning so we can ensure continuity in care. 

Social Welfare Certs
Social Welfare certs are now on line. For your first cert you need to attend in person and discuss with the doctor. We cannot issue them in advance of the day it is due. 


Our Charges 
All medical fees must be settled following the consultation. Payment is made directly to the Receptionist and a receipt will be issued. We accept Credit Cards and Laser Cards.

Data Protection / Terms of Use Policies 

To read more about our practice's data protection and terms of use policies please click HERE.

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