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From the 4th of January 2021 instead of having to ring for an appointment, you can book a wide range of appointments on this website to see the Doctor or Nurse at a time and date of your choice. You can also choose which Doctor or Nurse you wish to see.

In order to use this service you need to be a patient of Summerhill GP Surgery. If you are a new patient you should not use this service. Please contact reception if you are a new patient before using the on-line booking system.


To avail of this service you also need to be registered as a patient of Summerhill GP Surgery and you will need to register at our Patient's Section. This will enable you to manage your appointment bookings including rescheduling and cancelling.


Please click HERE  to register / log in or to book your appointment.

If there are no available appointments on-line please phone 046 9557004. For all urgent matters always phone the surgery.


To avail of this service you need to be registered with Summerhill GP Practice. All appointments are 15 minutes long, however, if you require more time please call reception.

Certain procedures such as Mirena insertion, Implanon, Minor Surgery Procedures need to be booked by phone and not on-line.

Please note that for blood tests you need to book an appointment before 10:30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and before 13:00 on Wednesdays . We do not do Bloods on Mondays.

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